About Me…

10514548_10204293302352386_5650202628838491268_nI had a profound spiritual experience in 1991 which changed my life.  Since my teenage years, I had been advised to settle down like other ‘normal’ people and was told ‘you will never find what you are looking for’. Fortunately I kept searching until I found it and I was significantly changed, as was the entire direction of my life (see my blog post ‘Peak Experiences’).

My spiritual path was illuminated by an inner guide who was (and still is) frequently appearing in dreams and visions. This special guide has led me to an Ashram in the mountains of Colorado and a revered trip to India in 2009.

If you have dreams and inner longings which you don’t quite understand, I can help by validating these feelings and providing you with wisdom and general signposts for life that eventually worked for me. If you have desires to change but feel ‘stuck’ where you are, I will offer you support to find your soul’s purpose and to work towards your ultimate potential in all ways, creating a life of purpose and meaning.

tree-213980_640My blog is designed to provide support and validation for all those who are interested in this amazing journey. My hope is that you will liberate yourself to find the person you were born to be and the life you were destined to live.  You can also view my products & services for more information on how you can work with me. Also, read client testimonials.

Other random thoughts about me are: I love cats, misty mornings, poetry, dancing, sunflowers and brilliant sunsets. I have lived in 3 different countries in my search for fulfillment and my secret desires include sky diving and riding on the back of a motorcycle.

Let’s share this voyage together, hold on because it’s fast, exciting and unpredictable – it’s a ‘Journey to Joy’.

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Elaine Heroux