Why You Should Pay Attention To Your Dreams


‘God is the dream maker revealed through the dream’

 – Marion Woodman, Jungian Analyst

You are walking around often confused and unsure and you do not realize you have a beautiful, priceless treasure in your pocket that you are not even aware of.  This treasure speaks to us consistently if we would just listen and is the source of enormous wisdom and guidance. It is like a tiny microchip that connects us to ourselves at a very deep level and also to our God.

Sadly dreams are very often overlooked or not valued. This is probably because they are not easily understood. They have a very unique language that speaks to us in symbols and metaphors. They are never what they appear to be. If you have a recurring dream where a man is trying to break into your house through a door or window, you cannot take it literally. It does not mean that this will actually happen. It may mean that something is trying to get your attention and you are ignoring it. As soon as you listen and understand what the dream is telling you, the recurring dream will go away. Recurring dreams from childhood are particularly relevant and may chart the course of our entire life.

If you make up your mind to work with your dreams, you will find that they provide a richness to your life that you could never imagine. Communicating with the animals and people that appear to you as you sleep is like having a very personal, intimate relationship with the wisest part of yourself. Why would you not want to learn what this wisdom is saying to you?

Many people tell me they never dream and ask how this can be changed. The fact is that everybody has dreams but many people do not remember them. Over time, if we ignore our dreams, they tend to fall back to a lower level of consciousness. They are like small children – the more attention you give them, the more they will flourish and interact with you. There are a couple of tips to help you remember them and I will address these in a future blog (So you think you don’t dream – tips for remembering them).

If you journal your dream or do expressive movement to dream images, you will see that it seems to come alive. This is especially true if you work with a professional who has experience working with dreams. Once you share your dream verbally, it begins to take on another dimension. As you talk about it, you may experience ‘goose bumps’ or an inner knowing of the truth of what it is telling you as you explore it.

A dream is a snapshot of what is. It can be prophetic or telepathic but mostly it is sparked by something that happened during the day. It is a good idea to ask yourself what took place that caused this dream to appear. You may have a series of dreams during a night’s sleep and they may all appear to be fragments or totally disconnected from each other. The truth is, they are connected and usually have the same theme.

Start paying attention to your dreams today. Buy a loose leaf binder and use it as your dream journal. Begin to ask your unconscious for dreams before you go to bed every night. You can even ask a specific question if you are undecided or conflicted about an area in your life. You may say something like ‘please give me a dream about what I need to do about my relationship’ or ‘I would like a dream about whether to change jobs right now’. Be sure to write down the dream in great detail even if it seems to have nothing to do with what you have asked. You can then take time to work with it and come to understand its meaning. We will talk about this in future blogs.

‘If the dream uses a symbol

and you say, “That’s bizarre! Chuck it”,

you’re chucking gold’ 

Marion Woodman, Jungian Analyst


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