Do You Dream?


The dream’s language is not two-dimensional. It carries its meaning through imagination, emotion and intellect.  — Marion Woodman

So many people tell me they never dream. They are actually wrong – everybody dreams but not everyone remembers their dreams. This is sad because our dreams contain information that help us live our lives more fully and consciously. They come from the unconscious and they are a ‘picture of what is’. Among other things, they reveal aspects of our shadow, serve as guides for the future, make recommendations concerning our actions and often provide a venue for meeting up with, and talking to loved ones who have passed. Why would you NOT want to remember your dreams?

Over the years my dreams have helped me make important decisions in my life, realize a desire to go to India, helped me understand myself better and provided a communication forum between myself and important guides and teachers. They have provided a richness and added dimension to my inner world and waking life that is unimaginable. I am deeply humbled by this knowledge and carry enormous gratitude to my teachers who have taught me to understand the unique language with which they speak.

If you are one of those people who say they never dream, and if you would like to change that, here are 8 tips for dream recall.

  1. Try to relax before retiring for the night. Maybe drink some hot cocoa and read a good book or listen to music.
  2. Set the stage for a dream by asking for the unconscious to reveal something to you before you go to sleep. For example ‘I am feeling conflicted about this situation, will you send me a dream that will provide some clarity moving forward?’
  3. Put a pencil and paper beside the bed to jot down any dreams you may have.
  4. If you wake from a dream in the middle of the night, write it down immediately because it will be gone by morning.
  5. Don’t be concerned if you only capture a fragment of a dream because as you write, more may come back to you.
  6. Consider using an oil diffuser with essential oils to help you sleep and dream. Young Living has one called ‘Dream Catcher’.
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 night after night until you start to dream.
  8. Never give up. I imagine dreams to be like deer in the forest. They only appear when they trust you and you have to be very patient and still. They can be very skittish. Once you become committed to your inner life, the images from the unconscious will continue to appear.

If you are still not remembering your dreams after 6-8 weeks, consider the following:

  1. Take a look at any medications you are taking that may be preventing you from remembering. You can have a conversation with your doctor about recommending a substitute if you can identify which medication may be the culprit.
  2. Take 100 mg Vitamin B 6 which helps with dream recall (per 2002 UK study)
  3. Consider working with a person who is a dream guide. Often the unconscious will recognize the presence of this person and provide a dream.

Once you begin to dream, refer to my blog ‘Understanding Your Dreams’ to get some idea how to begin the exploration.

Happy Dreaming ….

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