“I have worked with Elaine Heroux in many different capacities over the years all with deeply enriching results. I first participated in a Jungian style dream group led by Elaine. She wove the methods of her mentor, famous Jungian Analyst Marion Wooodman, with symbolic fairytales, and creative group work that brought the mystery and meaning of our nighttime dreams to life. I especially appreciate the spiritual base and underpinning of Elaine’s work—a small ceremony at the beginning of each group of lighting a candle on a small altar. Truly work with Elaine encompasses mind, body and spirit leading to a sense of wholeness and completeness that we all need and seek. I have hosted Elaine many times at my art studio for evenings of exploration showing psychological films of Jung, Woodman, Von Franz and others. She is an excellent speaker on all things Jungian and facilitated lively discussions and experiential exercises that made the concepts come alive. Time spent with Elaine always seems to invoke a slowing down, going within, and honoring the subtler layers of our being that are always waiting for our time and attention. One leaves refreshed having found the meaningful oasis from which our inner life springs forth.” –Elise Crohn , www.JuicyCreatives.com

“Elaine has been hands down the best and most professional mentor I have ever had in my seventy some years.  Sharing my journey with her always feels right because she truly listens, gets me, and offers encouragement in a most wise way.” — Carole, Jupiter, FL

“Thanks Elaine for introducing me to the sacred space of the Fire Ceremony, Each fire has given us the opportunity to share an inner lesson in the path to self discovery.” — Olga Lucia Toro (Life Coach), www.olgaluciatoro.com

I have known Elaine as a workshop facilitator and she is a true master at assisting others as they open up to themselves and expand their capacities to grow. Her wisdom, facilitation skills and warmth create a fertile atmosphere for human transformation.” –Rebecca Blanco, www.thebridgetampa.com

“I first started working with Elaine while living in Memphis, Tennessee in 2004.  We began our work together face to face, but transitioned to virtual work when both she and I moved to different places.  I feel very fortunate to have found Elaine.  Her methods, knowledge, and interpersonal skills were a great match for me.  At that time, I was struggling with adjusting to big changes in my life as well as needing to continue to work with my chronic, lifelong struggle with depression.

It is always a bit scary when you first meet with a therapist, but Elaine had a great way of easing into the conversation and letting me be in control of the sessions and where I wanted to focus.  It is hard to remember all the details of all the different conversations we had over the years, but overall I have to say that Elaine was able to match the right approach to the work that really resonated with me.

As of 2014, I still think of Elaine as my therapist even though we don’t meet regularly anymore.  I know I can pick up the phone and she will be there to help me navigate whatever challenge is happening in my life.  Although Elaine shared with me several different approaches to the work including Authentic Movement and working with metaphors (which were great), I especially gained so much insight into myself through working with dreams.  I have always been a vivid dreamer and having someone to talk them through with and help me understand their meanings and messages has been invaluable.

Elaine and I haven’t worked together regularly in several years and the reason is directly related to the benefits I have received from my conversations with her.  My depression is under control and when the depression has resurfaced I have been able to use the skills I learned with Elaine to work my way out of it – to stabilize myself.  I also am much more aware of the physical, mental and emotional warning signs that depression is moving in so that I can be more proactive in working successfully through the episode.  With Elaine, I learned how to give myself a break and learn to accept myself more fully and unconditionally.

Although I attribute my improved state of mind to Elaine, I know that what really happened is that she encouraged and allowed me to be in control of the work pace and intensity.  We did the work together.  In fact, it was by me doing the work with her that actually laid the grounds for my success.  I learned what a true partnership is and how a positive relationship works when clear boundaries are established.  She didn’t preach, or cajole, or insist…she showed me and then let me do it.  Brilliant!

Sometimes I take a pause in life (especially during or after a very huge life challenge like having my mom live with me, buying a house, and losing my dog) and really am amazed that these challenges I didn’t feel the need to call Elaine for help!  It seems incredible to me to have moved from needing support through every challenge in life to being able to navigate healthily on my own.

Of course, I often would replay some of the lessons I learned through my work with Elaine.  Basically, I learned to listen calmly to my critical self and then tell that part of me to just stop it – usually it would be Elaine’s words or questions that would come to mind.  I am sure at some point Elaine and I will again talk regularly as I move through another big change or challenge in my life, but most of the time I am doing just fine. My work with Elaine has been life changing!  Thanks, Elaine!” –Frances Moore, Falls Church, VA