Do you need a Spiritual Chiropractor?


Are your actions in alignment with your values and beliefs? If they are not, the chances are you are in conflict. When you are in conflict, you will never be truly happy. You may not always be aware of it, but what happens to you in life and relationships will eventually confirm it for you. Jung said that what we do not make conscious, comes to us as fate. If we continue to ignore nagging concerns or feelings that ‘I really shouldn’t be doing this’, something is likely to happen that will grab our attention and cause us to make changes. It’s important to be proactive in resolving these differences before life attempts to do it for us.

What you really need is a spiritual chiropractor – one who can help you understand where you are out of balance and support and encourage you to make adjustments.

Most of the conflict we experience is due to a lack of harmony between our Higher Self and our ego. This conflict is experienced in our inner lives through stress, anxiety, depression and addictions. In our outer lives, it manifests in such things as chaos, accidents, failed relationships, abuse and sickness. Often the ego dominates our actions so it is necessary to learn how to curb it and have it work in service to our Higher Self. This is sometimes like taming a wild horse and requires a great deal of patience and self understanding.

Here are a few ways you can begin to narrow the gap between Ego and Self.

1. Be aware of the difference between an ego decision and a Higher Self decision and try to take the higher ground. The qualities of ego decisions are usually judgmental, fearful, controlling, anxious, desperate or defensive. Those that come from the Higher Self are compassionate, loving, spontaneous, honest, trusting, open and peaceful. Often the decision that comes from the Self is the more difficult one to make.

2. Achieve some balance in your life – make time for work, leisure, creativity, spirituality, education, time for work and time for friends because we are nourished by all of these things.

3. Set up a meditation practice which will help slow the mind and eliminate useless chatter.

4. Honor your feeling and follow hunches even if they lead you to places that seem to oppose the thinking of the collective. Decisions made from the intellect alone are almost always ego-bound.

      1. Honor your dreams because they will provide the information you need to make decisions based on your Higher Self.

      2. Find a counselor or life coach who can be a spiritual chiropractor for you. It is almost impossible for us to see the results of ingrained actions or beliefs without witnessing from an outsider.

Next time you experience conflict, pain, physical problems that cannot be diagnosed, depression or anxiety, see them as signposts to the Self. It’s the spirit’s way to advise us that things are not as they could be and we are choosing the way of the Ego before listening to the Soul’s wisdom. It is far better to listen to the wisdom than try to eliminate or medicate the symptoms – that’s just killing the messenger.

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