Your Soul’s Purpose


We are all here for a reason.

We are not a random speck in the universe buffeted by the cosmic elements. We are significant and we were born into this body at this moment in time to align ourselves with our purpose. This purpose may be about achieving something, leading a cause or learning an important lesson. There are a multitude of reasons for as many different people, but each one of us has only one purpose for being here.

How do we discover our special assignment? Some people know from an early age whereas others may be looking for many years. Still more may never find it. I have often felt that finding it is like the age old game of Hide and Seek. The closer we get to the reason we are here, the warmer we will feel. If we are way off track we will know by the level of conflict we feel and the disconnect between our feelings and beliefs. Living in alignment with our real purpose provides energy and contentment. The trick is to create more of these special warm moments.

Sometimes we find our way by working backwards. This has been the case for me. It may be easier to experience and learn why we are not here rather than the opposite. This will eventually get us on track. Don’t think that once you find it you are home free. In my experience it has been a process of making mistakes, taking detours and re-inventing myself. It is never a static journey. If you are feeling ‘stuck’¬† or depressed, then somehow you have fallen into a backwater (and I have fallen into a few of these myself). This has happened unconsciously and because the thought of moving forward creates fear and paralysis. A good question to ask yourself is ‘If I were to do what I feel guided to do (or would like to do), what are the feelings that come to mind and what am I afraid of?’ ‘Stuckness’ and depression are gifts from our psyche/soul that inform us that things are not all right in our thinking and/or the way we are showing up in the world. Don’t ignore them because they offer enormous wisdom.

Fortunately there are many resources at our fingertips to help us live our destiny in accordance with our Soul’s purpose. Because our lives can be so chaotic and the majority of people are not aware of this inner guidance, we can easily get lost. Refer to my categories which will reveal some of these resources which are free to all of us. I will be writing more blogs to help you understand them and to learn how to develop and utilize them.



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